Name: Tegan
Likes: Gaming, Art, Cats, Fuzzy creatures, and hats.
Games: Minecraft, Portal, Sims, Don't Starve, TF2, Spore, and Pokemon.

Found a cool place for a giant door…

I wanted to build a stilt house so I created a new world thinking It would take forever to find a good spot.  I literally spawned right on top of an island in a river which I destroyed then built this house on top!

WIP pictures of an adventure map that I hope to be done by October.

After I defeated the Enderdragon I decided to spend a lot of time building a really nice house.  It took me about 6 hours to complete this build in survival not including gathering materials and finding the Biome I wanted.

A town I built next to my wizard tower.  I built this a while ago and I recently worked on it a bit.